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    Price drops dont always mean sales are bad. They could have hit their goal and are now passing on the benefits to the customer as they do with there other electronics lines. How do you think they became a multi-billion dollar company.

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    price drops are awesome, I just bought a 32gb for 509 after tax, and I have the $50 mail in rebate yet. 459 is pretty good I'd say.
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    How do I get the exclusive offer?
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    lol why do people complain when price goes down? HP does this with all of their products. Its how they sell stuff. I have never got anything from them without a coupon or discount. It doesnt mean they arent selling. I got an hp envy with a $500 coupon. If you buy things full price thats your problem. HP useually discounts everything for the back to school sales by the way.
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    There is a full page ad in Newsday today for PCRichards and it says save $50 instant on both the 16gb and 32gb for back to school.
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    I got to the 477.99 price via a different route.

    If you're still a student, you can get a similar discount via HP Academy. That, plus the instant $50 off, plus the $30 DEALS2BUY30 = 477.99

    ...and then, add the $50 touch inspiration to it!
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    I worked the deal as Orion layed out except HP wants to charge me state tax Of $29. Oh well its still a great deal.
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    I'm a forum member and an HP affiliate. I received an email sent to HP affiliates this morning, which mentioned the $50 instant rebate and included the coupon code SAVE30HP! that gives you an additional $30 instant rebate. So, as with some of the other deals mentioned in previous posts, you can get $80 off up front and if, like me (Sprint Pre), you own a legacy device that qualifies for the "make it right" $50 rebate, you'll end up saving a total of $130 on a 32GB TouchPad. You also get free next business day shipping and 15% off accessories purchased with a TouchPad.

    My affiliate link that will take you to the product page in the HP store is:

    Save up to $80 instantly on a HP Touchpad with $50 instant rebate plus $30 coupon SAVE30HP!

    For the sake of disclosure, if you use this link to go to the HP store and purchase a TouchPad, I will receive a small commission.
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    Good stuff... Amazon shows only 15 left in stock on the 32gb... Depending on how many they ordered from HP, thats a pretty good sign.
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    FWIW, when I bought my car 3 years ago, after everything was said and done, I was close to the 30K mark. Six months later, when Canada officially declared recession status, I could have bought the same car, with the same mileage, with a free gas card, with free maintenance for 2 years, for almost $6,000 less. I couldn't even look at ads anymore. That was something to be upset about, but $100.......meh. Paid $519 before tax anyway, (no "make-it-right" $50 off for Canada anyway), I'm not complaining....thats the chance you have to be willing to take buying something on a launch day.
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    My thanks to Orion and OldSkool, I purchased both the Bluetooth Keyboard and the Touchstone separately and was able to use both the EPP discounts and the coupon HPSAVE10 ($10 each), for a total of $35 off the two accessories. I tried to use my old Palm Bluetooth Keyboard, and while the Touchpad would see it, I couldn't figure out a way to pair the devices. I called Palm / HP and they were useless and told me to buy the HP Bluetooth Keyboard. Anyways, thanks for the savings!
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    Looks like I will be ordering my touchpad tomorrow.

    16GB for $430 BUT then I get it through Ebates which will give me about $20 BACK which equals $410 for 16GB!
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    I feel like an *****. I placed my order for a 32GB tonight, but forgot to choose next day delivery.
    I tried to call them and get it changed, but I guess I'll have to wait the '5-7 days', since they were not able to change my shipping method even though the TP didnt ship yet

    Oh well, still a hell of a deal!
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    Paid $477 + tax and free next business day shipping. Add my $50 webOS rebate and that will take me to $427.

    Thanks everyone for the tip!
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    SALES are great. Early adopters are really the only ones who lose, but it all comes down to perspective. I paid over $600 for my TouchPad 32gb and still haven't received my $50 rebate check.

    Am I bitter or upset because I didn't get the discount...not hardly!!!! I love my TouchPad and would gladly pay more early to be able to use and grow with webOS even sooner. The instant rebate and price discounts will hopefully spur more sales and bring more people into the webOS community.

    Hopefully everyone new learns why webOS is the best things since Sliced Bread! Sorli...
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    And what does exist for European users? Nothing ?
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    Let's face it--the price will continue to go down, probably not as dramatically, but you never know. Go check the price on your flat screen, or PC, etc., and they are all way less than you paid for them.

    Personally, and I don't want to sound like a snob, but for me the fact I have been using the TP for a month now is worth the $50 or so I could have saved if I bought it today.

    It has been great for my work, there is nothing like free tethering it to my Pre Plus (despite the insane battery draw) and downloading PDF's and word docs to view them in near full size. I have reviewed red lined legal docs easily.

    Not to mention that yesterday I had a routine physical (don't worry I am fine!) and my doc was showing off his ipad and the software that I used to answer his routine questions, and then he said there was a great website that would allow me to see my health "score" but he would need to take me to his PC because it had "flash or something that doesn't work on his ipad" I quickly grabbed my TP and we went to the site on mine--worked great. ha!

    My first case of TP envy!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tjd414 View Post
    Paid $477 + tax and free next business day shipping. Add my $50 webOS rebate and that will take me to $427.

    Thanks everyone for the tip!
    32 GB or the 16GB

    Just an FYI the $50 instant rebate will hold until I believe September 10th!
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    Priced it out on HP's web site using the MasterCard EPP corporate discount program (plus $30 coupon, and $50 instant off) vs Costco and the cost is within a couple dollars ($477 vs $479). So I went down to my local Costco & paid the $479 for instant gratification & to have a local store to return it to if I don't like it. After you subtract my $50 early adopter rebate, that makes it $429 for the 32GB Touchpad. I can live with that...

    Then I went home & ordered the Touchstone from HP's web site using the MasterCard EPP discount, plus a Logicbuy $10 coupon (HPSAVE10) for purchases over $50, so I got it for $61 with free shipping.

    I'm tempted to go back online & order the keyboard for $53 ($63 minus the same $10 coupon).
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