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    Strange - I have connected the Touchpad to three exchange accounts and have in essence no trouble. Actually I enjoy working with the Touchpad immensly.

    That said, I notice however that some attachments in emails do not seem do get downloaded resp. I do not see them in the email at all. For example one docx doc is shown and will then download and another not - same thing for powerpoint etc. I do not think it is an issue with size. Its like some attachments are not displayed.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks and I have very high - and I believe not overly optimistic - expectations that the Touchpad could be a nifty companion in a business environment.

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    Hi, Raoul. First of all, welcome to webOS and the PreCentral Forums. We're glad you're here.

    Now, about your email troubles. Sometimes I have a similar issue. Many times I will tap an email and absolutely nothing shows up in the reading pane. None of the email's text shows up and if it has any attachments, they don't show up either. Sadly, this is a long-running issue with webOS. It stretches all the way back to webOS 1.x on the Pre and Pixi (and successor devices). I don't know why Palm, and now HP, haven't fixed this "no text/attachment in email" problem in two years.

    I have found that closing the email app, then relaunching it fixes the problem. Usually. If this happens a lot for you then I'd contact the HP Butler service and have them assist you and/or open a ticket for webOS engineering. But I can't imagine they don't already know about this empty email's been going on for over two years now.

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