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    So, I'm a proud owner of an HP Touchpad. After reading on here about other people going local retailers and checking out the displays to make sure everything working properly and displayed the way it is supposed to be, I decided to check out my local Best Buy. I was pleasantly surprised to find four working Touchpads on display right along side of a working Veer. Two of them were already connected to the hidden Best Buy wifi network. I took it upon myself to get the other two connected as well as the Veer. I also went ahead and cleared the logs and reduced the logging levels to minimal so they would be a little snappier. The weird thing was I wasn't able to do it through the phones dialer. I had to do it through the device info app. Oh well, its done now. Playing with the Veer again made me consider buying out my Sprint contract and signing up on AT&T, but I digress. All in all, it was a great experience. Kudos to Best Buy of Easton. Great display.
    Also, the accessories were all stocked. However, I didn't get to talk to any of the sales associates to quiz them on the device or webOS.
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    Welcome to TouchPad-land! Have you slapped Preware on your TP? If so, make sure to install the speed patches on it. It does help with performance and battery life.

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