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    Just picked up my new touchpad from Wal Mart online. 32gb, case, keyboard, and touchstone. $682.00 online compared to trying to buy it in the store. Accessories much cheaper when bought all at the same time. Now to see how well it works compared to the Viewsonic G-Tablet I've got. BTW I really don't like android.
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    Hi Ractechtx... and welcome to PreCentral, webOS, and your newest addiction!

    Enjoy the device, and ask questions if you have them!
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    Welcome to the club!
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    I can't wait for my TouchPad to come tomorrow. Ordered it through Amazon just in time to use my $50 rebate.
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    Welcome to TouchPad-land! We're glad you're here.
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    The keyboard and touchstone would both be handy and looking forward to future posts about your use. Welcome to webOS land! Sorli...

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