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    Hi there,

    today I doctored my 16G touchpad to reinstall the ROM.
    When the touchpad restarted, it asked for my HP webOS account but it was not recognized: told me either that the mail address is unrecognized or that my account simply could not be checked.

    Various info (useful or not?):
    - my webOS account was setup at the first run of my TP
    - my webOS account *is recognized* on
    - I bought the touchpad in Canada where I am about to live (the account was set up there)
    - I live currently in Austria (the touchpad was doctored there)
    - I am French (which is the nationality stored in my account)
    - I first doctored the touchpad with webOS 3.0.2rc1 (that was the original reason of doctoring: I am a developper and wanted to test my app in webOS 3.0.2rc1), then seing that my account was not recognized, I thought it was a pb with webOS 3.0.2rc1, so I redoctored my TP but with the original webOS 3.0.0. My account was still unrecognized.
    - Seeing that my account was not recognized I set up a new one; funnily enough this one is not recognized by

    Thanks for you help!
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    hmmm not sure but do different nations have different doctors? I would say see if you can get ure hands on the canada version.... Or maybe the french version? And be sure ure inputting the right info too
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    I think the doctor app is the same for everyone, but, at launch, the doctor asks us about our language and maybe nation if I remember well? I answered France, but maybe I should have said Canada then... I'll try this (when my battery is up ) and report.

    PS: be sure I triple-checked my info
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    So the nation asked at launch by the doctor, and then by the touchpad, has no impact.

    I chatted with HP support, they asked me to make a total erasure of my TP's contents but nothing changed. They have no idea of what's going on...
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    Goodness. Maybe ask them to completely wipe out your webOS Account? I know you're in Australia, but can you make a call to the Butler Service in the US?
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    It finally worked! I used the precise webOS doctor that I got from instead of the others I had found in various places. Maybe that's unrelated though. Anyway I finally got my account and, above all, my apps! too bad the App Catalog does not work right now...
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    Hooray! That's good news. Unfortunately, your link is broken. Could you correct it? I want to see exactly what you downloaded. You'll have App Catalog access soon. Fear not.
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    Same problem here, doctored the TP and my account cannot be found although i can log in on . What can i do?

    EDIT: Problem solved. It seems the version of webosdoctor must match the version of webOs you had on your TP before doctoring. Didn't know that before. I had 3.0.4 on it and tried with webOsdoctor 3.0.2 because the download of webOsdoctor 3.0.4 failed 3 times one after another.
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