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    I frequently view bills and account activity on both bank of america and comcast web sites by clicking on a pdf file url on my account page. When I select this link on a pc the pdf file opens in a new web page. When I select the same link on the Touchpad a pane opens on the right with the file name listed, in the download section with an open button. When I select the open button I get a message stating mime type not supported. Any suggestions on how to download pdf documents?
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    I have had that happen to me a lot, as well. I don't know how to assist you, unfortunately. I have had times where PDFs download and I can open them, and then other times where they just won't download, and then again other times where I download them and get the MIME type error.

    It's so frustrating. The ability to download and read PDFs is a must these days for any device.
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    I would suggest you post your issue on this thread.
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    This has happened to me as well. How large are the PDF's which have been saved? Mine were in the order of bytes...very small. I tihnk the issue was when the link would open a PDF document within the browser using a viewer and you would need to manually save it to the disk.

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