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    During Criminal Minds tonight, there was a Best Buy back to school spot with the Touchpad.

    It showed a male student walking up the school steps with a Geek Squad guy on his back (like a back pack) and then close up of a TouchPad in the student's hands while using the Kindle app.

    The TP was shown again at the end of the spot being held by a Best Buys employee.

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    YouTube is your friend:

    Even though I can't stand the "Geek Squad", I think it is very telling that out of all of the tablets BestBuy carries, they chose a Touchpad for their commercial. Either HP paid them a bundle or someone in the Geek Squad really likes the Touchpad.
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    Nice catch. Shame it's not called out - it's not recognizable as a TouchPad to anyone outside these forums.
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    In all fairness, Best Buy sells other tablets too. And if you browse their site, under category "Computers and Tablets" is sub-category "Tablets, iPads and eReaders". One would almost think the iPad is not a tablet too.
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    Prior to the release date I was in my local BestBuy talking to a sales associate about the Touchpad. He was very much against it recommending an Android tablet or the iPad over it. Same thing happened with the Pre at BestBuy. I always suspected that comments by BestBuy employees caused more issues with the Pre launch than Palm/Sprint's crappy ads (not to mention poor build quality for some of the initial units). The folks there are notoriously Apple centric so it's kind of refreshing to see them push the other tablets they sell.

    Edit: Don't want to start the inevitable back and forth with other pad users. Each one has its pluses and minuses. I just think that as a retailer you should remain neutral and cater to your customer's wants and needs.
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    My local BB seems to be supporting webOS a little more than they have in the past. Every time I go in, there is a guy in an HP shirt hanging around the TouchPad display.

    I went in last Sunday for that special reward zone event and wound up picking up an HP printer so my tablet can print. The HP rep was very helpful, but was a little miss-informed. I asked when they were going to have webOS on the printers and he showed me what he said was the first webOS printer... He said he had to worn me that it is slow... as I started to mess with it, it wasn't webOS that I was looking at, it was that Android.
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