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    I connect to internet on TP via Sw 3g/4g wifi hotspot. Once in a while, I lose wifi connectivity. Both devices are on, but not connected to each other. They reconnect after a couple of minutes. I am also connected to plantronics voyager pro+. Whenever I lose wifi sync..I also lose my bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth usually connects back before wifi resyncs. Anyone experienced this? Thanks.
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    people have experienced the wifi drops, i have not. the blogs are saying that hp is aware of it and the next update should resolve the problem.
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    but bluetooth drops along with it...bluetooth has two profiles..voice + a2dp..not sure if that makes any diff...
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    Could be WiFi + BT coexistence issue. They operate on the same band. Try a different BT headset if possible to see if it's isolated to that specific BT headset you have, or if your WiFi hotspot device supported 5GHz band, use that to avoid coexistence issue altogether..

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