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    If you have some time, have a look at the customer reviews of the Touchpad on Best Buy's website and on QVC's website. You'll find there's a major difference in the average review score.

    Best Buy: 4.5 out of 5
    Reviews are generally very good with a lot of people praising the Touchpad and recognizing it as a premier operating system. A lot of reviewers seem to be more on the techie side and we're prepared for the slowdowns and lag with the device focusing on the positive of what it has to offer.

    QVC: 2.9 out of 5
    There's a handful of 5 out of 5 reviews ratings, but the majority are very negative and people are very dissatisfied with the device. Some reviewers returned it and bought an IPad 2 while others are just regretful they bought it. Judging from the content of the reviews and this especially being advertised on television as opposed to walking in the store, it seems the crowd was less techie and just your average tablet user.

    I'm was really glad to read the Best Buy reviews seeing how the reviewers have it high scores, but the QVC scores worry me. Not to focus on QVC in particular, but the target audience represents a huge demographic that needs to be impressed by a device like this. The more tech savvy crowd can dismiss the lag issues and other things that were expected to be there. I know because I'm one of them and I really appreciate the Touchpad for what it is and what it can become. Let me just say that I don't expect "techie" people to be programmers, just the type who keeps abreast of tech news and has a general understanding of technology and how things work. However, the non-tech savvy has a much different expectation, where the tolerance for software/hardware issues is less forgiving and will immediately be compared to devices like the IPad and Android tablets. They, of course, are not without their set of problems and they've had a huge head start to become better solid performing products and the Touchpad in time, will be a fantastic competitor.

    It's just disappointing to read these reviews from QVC, but can you blame them? When you spend close to $700 for a device (over the IPad), you expect a little more. Our great webOS community knows how to understand software issues like we've been experiencing with the Touchpad, but it's not to easy to convince the average consumer. I really hope HP can target this device to the non technical people like it's been done with the IPad once a few software updates have been released. I think it's a great device now, and can't imagine how great it will be soon especially with an update coming hopefully within the next week.

    This was an observation I made reading the reviews between 2 different websites. Thought it was interesting would like to hear how others perceive this.

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    The customer experience during setup and getting to know the device is obviously the biggest thing. We try to approach this with programs like our Butler service which is a free service for 90 days where the agents are knowledge on the device in and outs and are there to teach you every quirk about it. We encourage them to spend as much time on the phone with the customer until they get it and have no more questions, but with that being said we can't win them all.

    Even with all the programs put in place you are still going to lose people and are still going to not "get" the product. Rest assured though there is constantly data being mined, whether that is from customers who have returned units, retail stores who have units that have been returned, existing customers, previous customers, new customers etc.

    We always have something new to learn and we always look for that next big approach we can take to help people learn the device and grab that best moment of a sale during that unboxing time.
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    not surprised. there's a techie and a non-techie in my can guess who has the touchpad and who has the ipad . she really just uses my touchpad for the flash capability. she could care less about the other stuff....good thing she doesn't give me grief about it and just chokes it up to "being one of those techie things that only i can appreciate."
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    Best Buy also allows review bombing; meaning you can write reviews without 1) even owning the product or 2) the product even being launched.

    This forum was urging people to counter pre-launch negative reviews even before the TouchPad came out. I am pretty sure most of those reviews were 5 out of 5 stars.
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    Amazon's user review rating is also 4.4/5 currently
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    I just read a bunch of the qvc reviews. It sounds like qvc sent out a bunch of lemons. 8 of the bad reviews were because the device ether wouldn't turn on or it wouldnt charge. Most of the other bad reviews were due to set up problems or because the device froze. Only a handful of people who actually got the device up and running didnt like it, and most of those were because there arent enough apps yet.
    maybe people were having a hard time figuring out the touchstone, or maybe HP has some QC issues.
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    also account for the lack of tech sector that looks to places like qvc. Has anyone checked the walmart reviews?

    I still havent reviewed my qvc purchase yet, but so far I am very happy with it. Never opened the 2nd one, we cant justify the cost vs use with the 7inch coming out.

    as far as qc, the plug that was in the box with the TP was faulty. Other than that my unit seems great.

    I wouldnt be surprised at some folks getting frustrated with setup issues, especially compared to an ipad where you have to plug it in to activate. I would guess a lot of the customers are not real save with their wireless network.
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