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    Okay, a puzzling title.

    This is what happens: I've received my Touchpad last Friday and one of the apps I installed is InterfaceLIFT HD. I used it to change the wallpaper and that worked fine.

    The next day I noticed that I had a new wallpaper and that that picture is completely new to me. It's not in my own picture library and I can't find it in the InterfaceLIFT pictureset. I have had several wallpaper changes since then and they all are new pictures. Very nice quality, but where do they come from?


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    From everywhere -- from an online gallery of photographs. Here is PreCentral's review of the original version:

    App Review: InterfaceLIFT | The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community |
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    Shouldn't change pictures automatically though. That's a weird problem.
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    After a few days it looks like it's a limited set that's being used.

    I have seen a picture of the Tower Bridge in London several times now.
    Other pictures are of a wall with red bricks, green bamboo stakes and flowers.

    Thanks for the replies!


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    have you re-reviewed all setup screens in the app to see if there's some auto-mode turned on? Or reviewed to see if you have other apps that might be doing it?

    on my Xoom i've picked up the amazon free app of the day almost every day, and after one of them the bottom part of my screen became unresponsive - turned out that just being installed turned on its default behavior (ironically it was Wave Launcher, an app that tries to emulate webOS)

    good luck, I know that would freak me out! Clarice
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    That's a spooky one, there is no built in functionality to change the wallpaper automatically. Either there's an app doing it, or you need to get your self an exorcist.
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    Sorry guys, my bad! I checked my apps again and I see I also seem to have installed Wallpaper Switcharoo Lite. That's where the images come from. Very nice images that look gorguous on the Touchpad's screen.

    So this thread can be closed/deleted/archived/...


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    It is really best to leave it here. Someone else will probably need the information.

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