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    Ive had my 32GB TouchPad for about 4 days now and today I noticed that there is a small area on my screen that almost seems to be leaking light. Its not a stuck pixel. It changes colors with whatever color they are supposed to be but are a little lighter in color. Any ideas on the problem and/or a fix? I'm really hoping its nothing major because I got my TP through a friend whose an HP employee and it will be a hassle to exchange it. They discounted the 32GB model 20% for employees so I got it for $480 with no tax as well since they live in Oregon.
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    Is it an "area"? Or a pixel?

    A pixel is tolerable, a larger area may need replacement.

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    Its not a single pixel but its no more than a few pixels in radius. its almost like a perfect small circle on the screen. When playing colorful games like Angry Birds HD you cannot see it on the screen at all or when the background color is dark. But when Im in the App Catalogue for instance or any other white or light colored background you can spot it easily. Im not sure if it had always been there and I simply didn't notice or if it just started happening yesterday.
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    I would be worried that something like this is caused by an internal component pressing on the back of the LCD screen. ...and what might happen if it continues to press there.
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    The same thing happened to me a couple days after I got my touchpad. I talked to a person on HP Palm chat service that said it was due to excess pressure on the screen (before I got a case an sleeve to put on it). Her recommendation to me was to wipe it (not applying any pressure) every once in a while. It started to fade, but I just went ahead and exchanged it since I didn't know if it would completely go away before my 14 days were up.

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