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    As a new guy to WebOS and a day1 tpad buyer, I've found it quite interesting how the kids view the tpad. My 10 year old daughter was twitterpated waiting for it to show up, watched (hovered) while I set it up (maybe 10 minutes), and I then had to exert command authority to keep it for the next 20 minutes to get some basic apps in place. It then disappeared for awhile... 'well daddy, if you want to do that, you have to do this...'. Zero interest in the other platforms...

    3 weeks later, she now wants to schedule time where she gets the Touchpad,and of course doesn't care so much that I'm engrossed in an eBook on Kindle. Having thousands of physical books I've now read my first 5 eBooks this week. Oh my...

    My kids all have iThings, pc's, netbooks, wireless networking, etc... It's fascinating to see that my 10 year old now only touches the Win HP Netbook when I've got the Touchpad firmly in my grips and has no other recourse.

    With the Khan Academy app, not sure how I can't just give into weakness and start planning to buy another one of these...

    Any other amusing tales of the kids with Touchpads or first experience w/ WebOS?
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    My boss's child who is 6 needed to show him how to use his. Lol!
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    I bought TP for my 5 year old. Two things why. I like my Pre and I want it to last longer, and I have transformer for me (no fight with the kid) . Need more Kid friendly apps for TP though..
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    My 18 month old can navigate in and out of apps, into the launcher, and then scroll through the launcher to find the specific app she wants. Her favorites are HP Movie Store (For Elmo), Angry Birds, and Peekaboo Baby. It's kinda scary.
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    wish they had more apps for kids with autism
    and my hand is under the touchpad where they are holding it up.
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    I have spent the entire last weekend listening to peekaboo baby. My 18 month old is enthralled with the TouchPad.
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