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    I also have the TP in my case upside down, but by design. I use a stylus pen in my right hand and find it more convenient to have the Home button on the left hand side. I also find the sound better with the speakers up.

    Anyone know if there is a way to mod the TP to allow the screen to rotate in full screen mode?
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    In my opinion this is definitely either a software or hardware error complemented to become worse by YouTube full screen orientation software design in the HP Touchpad browser. The original poster is absolutely right - if we insert the touchpad into the case so that its power button stays on the right hand top side and home button to the bottom center when holding it as a book (written for left-right languages), the speakers will be pointing left (hinge of the cover). When it is rested in the landscape mode in front of you for typing position, the speakers will point upward and the YouTube video will appear to play upside down in full screen.

    I tend to agree, and if we consider that they want the speakers to fire down in the landscape mode, the physical location of the speakers is totally wrong. The speakers should have been on the RIGHT hand side of the touchpad and not to the left when held in the portrait position.

    But, there are two ways to watch a video, in the typing landscape mode, where it currently appears to play upside down, and stand up landscape mode where it currently plays fine. That means the speakers orientation was never thought of when the video would play - which then means it's just a software issue.
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    So my thought is that this is a combination of two things. 1st, the programmers clearly planned for browsing to be capable from any orientation, but overlooked fullscreen video playback.

    2nd, the flip/stand cases being sold were meant for iPad's, and/or the case manufacturers were unaware of this flaw as well.

    I have a Griffin Folio case that I purchased during the orjginal fire sale from Verizon for $5. The fit is great, but the home button is on the left when propped up in landscape mode. It would be great if someone finds a fix for this.
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