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    My first review on the touchpad was pretty harsh. my first experience with it was terrible though. I was in the mall today, girlfriend was shopping so I popped in best buy mobile and gave the touchpad another run. I have to say, the experience was alot better. The stupid demo wasn't running this time. I could just use it.

    Everything was incredibly fast. The internet connection was slow but I can't hold that against the touchpad. This time they had a veer running next to it which was really nice. I haven't actually seen one in person. Man that thing is small. Unfortunately, it wasn't linked to use touch to share. I have to say here that a pre3 would've been very nice to see sitting next to the touchpad. also, things need to load smoother. Moving apps around the screen just isn't sleek enough yet. I'm still surprised hp doesn't overclock from the factory.

    I also want to say that the staff at best buy mobile had only good things to say about the touchpad. More than once he compared it favorably to the ipad. I was shocked.

    I'm sure this will make people here a little happy too. I stopped at a verizon kiosk before this a and grabbed the motorola xoom. The display unit was frozen. So it isn't just touchpads. And the second unit the rep pulled out turned off the second I turned it on.

    Ps. The veer is such a solid build. Made me somewhat excited again to see the pre3 and other future webos devices.

    Edit.....hp still needs more apps. If it had all the apps that ipad or android does, I would probably but one tomorrow. The other things I can fix with preware and the community. The lack of apps cannot be fixed

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    my touchpad does everything i need it to do.
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    So glad you had a second look. My TP has had its small issues but, overall, I have to say that it does everything that I need. Yes, there are things that need to be better but, I for one, am more than prepared to wait for those improvements to arrive. All web browsing has been pretty good although it can sometimes be a bit 'laggy'. This probably is not the TP but my WiFi connection. I use my TP to keep track of all my mail and calendars - this is really great and effortless. As a 'newsfreak' all my favourites are easily retrievable. When away from home, my mobile acts as a mobile hotspot giving me use of my TP wherever. I think that the more you research, the more confident you can be that this is, indeed, a really strong product. I've been using my TP for about 3 weeks now, as I become more familiar with its capabilities, the more I enjoy it. Hope this helps.
    Dee the Obscure
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    Glad you had a second look. Yes, the lack of apps is an issue but, in my opinion, not a deal breaker. Having used my TP for about 3 weeks now, it's becoming increasingly clear what a strong product it is. Web browsing is good although sometimes a bit 'laggy'. This is probably more to do with my WiFi than the TP. I use my mobile phone as a mobile hotspot and this works well enough to let me use my TP just about everywhere. I keep track of my e mails and calendar effortlessly, I keep up to date with all news and this forum. Yes, there needs to be improvements but I really think that they will be worth the wait. All in all, I really do like the TP and that's from using it on a daily basis. Hope this helps!
    Dee the Obscure
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    The apps thing is really an issue for many people, however its a created need and not a necessity as the Touchpad can use flash and "mobile" sites which in most cases renders an "app" useless in comparison as you can use the services they way they were intended from the beginning on the plattform they really are for (pc/linux / mac).

    However, if you are on a mobile device lacking flash support - i would love to say "theres an app for that". =)

    Today, we can say - "we dont need an app for that"
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    I own an iTouch and an Android phone. I've had my TP for 2 days and have not missed any apps. HP has quality apps available and I am confident more will be available soon. If the update is going to make things even better, I'm thrilled!

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