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    Haven't had any problem between my AT&T-branded Pre3 running freeTether and my TouchPad. It's worked well on Bell Canada and now while I roam on Globe Telecoms in the Philippines. Pre3 is running v2.2.4 webOS and TP is at 3.0.4. Connection has always been stable. Ping times to my Pre3 has always been quick. Only issues I've had are the slow network connections through Globe Telecoms, but that's not surprising.
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    Actually, I lied. There IS one issue. When I switch of freeTether, it won't function normally again when I switch it on. Everything looks normal but I'm not seeing the wireless network on the TP or on my laptop. I would have to restart the Pre3 for freeTether to work again.
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    TP 32 GB and PRE2 unlocked (EU version) 2.2.4, with freetether 1.2.0. 3G operator is 3, in Italy. The connection is quite slow and often I need to reload pages (youtube video goes intermittently). What makes me think that the issue could be on Freetether (or Pre 2) side is that using the TP connected to hotspot of my wife's Android phone (same 3 operator) the navigation is very faster, and youtube works flawlessly.
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    There is a fix for Mobile Hotspot to get it working, see the Pre3 forum.

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    I started to use free tether with my Pixi+ at LAX - but it suddenly slowed to a crawl, and I saw that 4 other users had glommed on to the signal. So I just shut it down.
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    I do not use freetether anymore, since I switched to an iPhone in July, last year....but, it is jailbroken and my HP Touchpad has absolutely NO issues connecting to MyWi tethering app on the iPhone. Works perfect, everytime...and for hours at a time.
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    It has been nothing short of outstanding! I use Free Tether and my Touchpad daily running from my Sprint Pre.
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    I've used freetether on my Pre-, Pre2 and now Veer. It has always been painful to use with my iPad and Touchpad only??? I can tether to my iMac and reach 3-4mb download speeds while the Touchpad conection is barely functional. Definitely not freetether but something with the tablets???
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