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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    TouchPad 32 GB, Sprint Pre, using FreeTether. No drop offs, very happy with the performance of FeeTether with my TouchPad. Performance typical of a 3G connection, web pages load reasonably fast but of course it does not compare to broadband. FT is handy for checking email and surfing the web when wifi is not close by. Performance of FT is about the same as my laptop running windows.
    Ditto. 16GB TPad, Pre Classic 1.4.5 and Freetether works great. Used it in Orlando when staying at an old school resort that only had free wifi in the main lobby building. I was online the entire 3 days posting here, browsing youtube, and that was the day I discovered and streamed MIB pt1 perfectly after about 5 mjns of buffering. Ran occasionally and speeds ranged from .38Mbps to .72Mbps so about the speed of low tier dsl.

    I concur with the heat, my poor Pre- was on fire the whole time and I had to keep it plugged in 24/7. Touchstone charges too slowly to keep up, straight to the wall charged and kept it topped off. Car charger was also able to keep the Pre topped off while on the road (although the speed suffered as I passed from EV to 1x)
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    Yeah, lesson learned quickly on the battery. The touchstone can't keep up. I've had my Pre- since Jan 10, so I just figured my battery was going bad and ordered a few new ones for $7 before figuring out what was really up. Oh well at least I'm not out of much money and spare batteries never hurt.
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    Using Pre- on Sprint with 32g TP... Sometimes i have to connect twice to get it to really make the connection. I haven't tried to watch video. But general browsing & email has been fine. Like others have said, plan to charge pre while tethering. The two times I didn't my battery was dead the next time I went to use the phone, even tho it had not been low initially. Still, not complaining. I'm happy to have it.
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    Veer running FT 1.1.3, tethered to a 32GB Touchpad and doing just fine tonight on this Amtrak train ride. Speeds as you would expect from a 3G network. (AT&T)
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    I have to say, my experience with the Pre- and the TP has been excellent. I was recently in the hospital with my wife as she had our little baby boy and I used the TP over Sprint Pre- and loved every minute of it.
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    I have been trying every setting and suggestions with no success to report to others. I get it to load one heavy page lightning fast, then bog down an give the fail to load message on what should be an easy one. Hopefully someone can figure it out for those who are having problems.

    EDIT: By easy page I mean like
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    im working with the touchpad and a experience has been great as long as two factors line up right...1.good signal from my pre- 2.the free tether app is giving a ip and my tp is receiving the proper ip. its really simple to check the two issues before beginning. as long as my pre- is full signal the speed is very good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PuffTheMagic View Post
    You people reporting slowness will have to work a little harder to figure out the issue because I dont have a webos device activated on any carrier with 2.x so I can't really do any testing.
    Puff, I really think the issue is more to do with the TP's Wi-Fi than anything wrong with FT.
    I use FT with a multitude of devices and the TP is the only one I have problems with. Appreciate you keeping tabs on this issue though.

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    I get Ip Config fail unless I turn off wpa security... then it works but not very speedily.
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    Just moved into a new place, no internet service until Wednesday or so. At one point I was getting a solid 1 mbs connection on my laptop for a good 2 hours. Otherwise the connection was very spotty and slow at best. Using a verizon Pre2 running 2.1. Touchpad was slow at pulling web pages and videos when utilizing the connection.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I use a Veer and the H+ Speeds are way way way better than even my wifi at home most of the time. I have found that tethering via H+ speeds are awesome. Im able to use flash videos and pretty much run smooth as butter without any hiccups. I think that 3g speed just doesn't cut it anymore especially since this thing runs flash.

    Very happy with my Veer and Touchpad tethered in but would also pay for a H+ att version of the touchpad. I wish i could still get unlimited because the speeds blow sprints Wimax away. which makes me wonder why people even still care about sprint, why even go for the cheap price if your settling for less speeds.

    Its like the pre3 coming to sprint but being 3g phone still. I think the days of 3g phones are long gone, and its painful to go back to speeds being so slow.

    That being said, Veer is tethering like a champ.
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    Works fine for me once the TP gets an address. It will take up to 3 attempts at times. Once it is connected, I have not had any issues with it dropping the connection or low throughput, etc. (given a good EVDO signal )

    The down side is how amazingly fast it sucks the battery down on the Pre2.

    Question.. I noticed that FreeTether lists Bluetooth as a connection method. Has anyone tried this yet? Does it work with the TP?
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    works good here. no issues to date
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    Quote Originally Posted by xForsaken View Post
    im on bell,, does telus nail you for additional cost using freeteather??
    On Bell here as well. Not sure how many Pre users are on Telus, I suppose there could be some with unlocked phones out there. I do know that Bell's data recording for CDMA phones is not accurate, in favor of the user. Last month, for 15 May to 15 July, Bell said I used 24 MB out of 1GB... I didnt have the TouchPad at the time.

    While I was writing this, I looked over my Bell bill, and noticed I had $59 in long distance charges that were supposed to be part of my Fab 10 numbers, an "oversight" by Bell. They corrected the charges, thanks to me actually looking at my bill and noticing the errors.

    I also had them look up my data usage for my Pre, which I use to tether my TouchPad. From 15 July to now, the 24th, they said I've used 15MB. I have constantly used my TouchPad on freeTether nightly for 12 hours at a time while I'm at work.

    I dont do a whole lot of downloads etc. While on fT, but I am on Spaz, get my emails, check out the AppCatalog, Pre|Central, and surf here and there.
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    I am happy to report that free tether is running my touchpad at blazing speeds (for a 3g connection).

    unfortunately I don't know why it was so slow at first, and my friend who had the same problem his working good too.
    Maybe the touchpad just needs to get used to its new friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by satterwc View Post
    Question.. I noticed that FreeTether lists Bluetooth as a connection method. Has anyone tried this yet? Does it work with the TP?
    I've tried tethering over BT (hoping it would save some battery compared to wifi) with no luck:

    -tried both BT PAN profile on & off
    -it pairs with TP fine
    -despite pairing, it shows "no devices connected"
    -when trying to browse it complains about no network connection

    Pre2 2.1.0 (unlocked GSM, Europe)
    TouchPad 3.0.2
    FT 1.1.3
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    I have used freetether and I too find it not always connecting right away. I had to close and reopen freetether to get it to connect. Problem with TP and laptop. When it is connected it works great. Pre battery does discharge pretty fast. I also use my tether (paid app) and have good luck with the TP and laptop. Use USB cable connection on laptop to charge and serf at the same time.
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    It made my sound go out. I just rebooted and it was back that was enough for me to remove it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quini View Post
    I've tried tethering over BT (hoping it would save some battery compared to wifi) with no luck:

    -tried both BT PAN profile on & off
    -it pairs with TP fine
    -despite pairing, it shows "no devices connected"
    -when trying to browse it complains about no network connection

    Pre2 2.1.0 (unlocked GSM, Europe)
    TouchPad 3.0.2
    FT 1.1.3
    I'm experiencing the same thing. I have FreeTether running on my Pre 2. The phone is connected to my TP via Bluetooth, but FreeTether says "no devices connected".

    Does the Bluetooth feature work? What am I missing?
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    I think its only tethering in wifi mode.
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