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    for what its worth this is what I decided to do so my wife and I could share it.

    you have all accounts in the setup tab. When you stop using it, you turn off all your accounts and then turn on all of their accounts. I am the only webos phone
    so it still uses my profile only but with accounts you can decide what accounts show up when
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    I think it is same issue with Facebook, right? It always defaults to first account set up... would be nice to switch faster. My wife just has to stay on her phone and pc FB I guess.. I anyway dont like to share. Kids already steal my iphone all the time, will avoid installing games on TP.
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    this is the only reason I'm not getting one.

    needs multiple profile logins on start up screen for the whole family.

    hope it comes soon. Or microsoft will get my business when their tablets come out.
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    this was the #1 thing that was preventing me from getting a TP. But the Staples sale finally won me over...

    Its possible I will wait until the Opal 7" is about a month old and then pick that up and give the 9.7 to my wife.
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    I bought one, but I was hoping this would be solved.

    The idea of getting a second one may seem funny to some, but even if cost wasn't an issue, there are times that sharing one would be ideal. For example, I expect this to be the coffee table for IMDB look-ups. My wife could use it for Tweeting during talent shows. We wouldn't want to stack up multiple Touchpads.

    There are a lot of small use-cases where I'd like to quick log-in as a user-neutral person and each of us could (hopefully) quickly log into our respective profiles and start enjoying our own personalized experience.
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