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    I travel for work a lot and get USA Today from the hotel. The Thurs edition this week (7/21) was an all Touchpad assault! (sorry no pics). On the back of every section (Main, Business, Sports, etc...), there was a full page Touchpad ad, each ad being different. Plus on the front page of each section, there was a smaller ad at the bottom. Not sure if HP did it for any other days this week but it's clearly targeted for the business folks.
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    Not surprised. They have to have been in good w/ HP, considering how well their app works/looks. I'm glad to see more reports of ad onslaughts. :-)
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    Here's a photo of the touchpad ads on the back of the USA Today paper:

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    I think the talk about the update (if its any good) will do more for sales than ads.


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