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    Works fine for me. Agree about the scrubbing being hit and miss. I get the audio playing video freezing on my Mac and Win7 boxes sometimes too, a refresh sorts it. shrug.
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    it works fine for me too. Its actually really good. Think I might start using it!!
    Preware is AWESOME!!!!
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    All you guys saying "it works fine", are you talking about live tv or prerecorded material?

    I am very impressed with the quality the TP puts out on HD prerecorded stuff on the iPlayer. But for me the live channels are unwatchable.

    Mind you, tvcatchup has had a bandwidth increase lately making it much closer to watchable.
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    Pre-recorded. Never tried live.
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    Quote Originally Posted by richardtank View Post
    You can also browse to the sky player website. You will find on the TouchPad that you use the browser more than apps to get web content.
    Not tried it myself as I was under the impression that Sky Player won't work on the TP as it requires Silverlight to be installed...???
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    I just tried it (for the first time) and it is pretty much perfect. I tried it with waterloo road (Out of interest I found youtube works a lot better if you watch in fullscreen mode). I assume iplayer may be the same, so try that and see if it helps.
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    ok just tried it with 'watchlive' (watchdog was on) and it is all choppy as you describe. Waterloo road I mentioned above was pre-recorded (on yesterday I think) so don't know if it that's relevant?
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    ok third post! - I just tried it with pre-recorded 'planet dinosaur' (was on yesterday) and it is fine (smooth). So maybe just the live stuff that don't work properly.
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    Anyone know if I can get inlayer to work on the HP Veer? When I go to the iPlayer home page, it keeps thinking its mobile device and that there is no version for this device. Just wanna watch the regular website! Help anyone pls.
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    Just wanted to say how jealous I was that you guys are in UK and can access iplayer. It would be great to be laying in bed watching shows. Oh well, I live vicariously!
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
    i just increased the disk cache the touchpad and my pre3 used instead of disabling it and it seems to work fine for me.
    Could I ask for a link on how to do this please?
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    Having trouble playing my BBC iplayer downloads on the touchpad.

    Downloaded them on my windows desktop pc. Copied the folder across to my touchpad.

    It recognises the file ( mp4 ) but although the default video player starts ok,
    there is no video or sound.

    Do I need a different MP4 player ?

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    mp4 should play in the stock video player, but you could try kalemsoft? There's a homebrew version in predate..
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    predate = preware
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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