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    I'm getting large sections of black blocks while streaming video in full screen (sometimes it'll be a still shot with the audio playing fine). I can play youtube videos, I've restarted and cleared the cache. Any ideas? I have a screen shot but I can't seem to attach it (the link screen doesn't appear to be live).
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    Amazon Instant Videos seems to be fine in default mode. I am seeing large black blocks in full screen mode, too.

    I also got the video freezing while the audio played a couple times in default mode.

    I don't know if the problem is with Amazon or the TP as this is my first experience using Amazon Instant Videos on my TP.
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    Same here. But if you use the pop-up mode it works ok, although you sometimes have to wait while the video catches up with the audio.
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    ok thanks-I did open a ticket with HP as I thought people had reported earlier that it worked fine so I wanted to make sure it wasn't my TP.
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    I should say too it works fine on my laptop-no lag or video issues.
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    Works fine for me. Watching Network right now

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