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    I've been having troubles watching some videos (Engadget and Speed are some examples) where the videos just dont seem to buffer. My internet connection is quite good so I dont quite understand why this is happening. Anyone have any advice or knowledge of this. Is it just me?

    Also, is there a reason I cannot login on my touchpad to these forums, wanted to post this from there but no luck.
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    Hrm with youtube I get random dropouts where i have to turn off/on the wifi to get internet again. It's very weird but it happens less often if I reset the touchpad, and then slowly gets worse. I hope it gets fixed soon cause its rather annoying to turn the wifi on/off everytime the video stops buffering. :P

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    Same here, dcbo89. In-browser video playback for me has been a continual headache.
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    Add me to the list - playing a YouTube video allows it to load for 5 to 10 seconds, and after that buffer has been expended, the video just hangs and refuses to continue loading.

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