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    Quote Originally Posted by Koiji412 View Post
    Anyone else confirm that their demo unit is unlocked and able to log in / create a new account?
    Yes, I have a demo unit. I wiped the demo software using the 3.0.2 WebOS Doctor on Sunday but was unable to log into my existing account nor could I create a new one. I sent 1 1/2 hours on live chat with support but no luck. After yesterday's activation of the demo serial numbers, last night I was able to log into my existing Palm Profile without trouble. Demo units now work fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treo2die4 View Post
    Ok so I can't download the webOS doctor as my serial number is showing up as not valid. Where else can I get the doctor. I did download the zip file posted for cdnetworks but it doesn't "run" - just opens the file when I double click it? (I know, probably a stupid question - I doctored my pre- many times but not in the last year or so, so clearly I can't remember the process....)
    You've probably already determined this by now, but if not, download the Dr from the WebOS Internals page. It provides direct links which are faster and don't require a serial number.
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    I purchased a demo from Walmart last night, doctored it to 3.0.2, and am stuck at the account sign in page. I'm getting PAMS9994 We are unable to sign you in...

    Any ideas?

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-20-11 @ 4:25pm EDT. P/O# 43839XX HP Order# 0305395XX reassigned to HP Order# 035751XX. Received email on 9-2-11 for delivery in 2 weeks. SHIPPED 9-19-11.

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-21-11 @ 10:16pm EDT. P/O# 44305XX HP Order# 0305569XX. Received email on 9-7-11 for delivery in 6-8 weeks.

    Picked up a 32Gb TouchPad Demo unit from Walmart on 8-30-11 after much negotiation...and Love it!
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    I got my unit from best buy on 25th when I got it home the unit was on and was showing me some weird service mode.
    First: it wanted me to do the screen calibration by clicking on target circles, and then it showed me a block of bunch of buttons for different services, bluetooth, screen calibration, yada yada yada... each button on the screen also had a key associated with it. I managed to quit the mode by pushing the volume up button followed by on-screen shutdown button.

    What I find interesting was that when I initially unboxed the unit to inspect the touchpad it was off. I placed it back and drove home and when I opened the box at home to unwrap the unit it was one and in this mode (did it rock in the box and accidentally pressed a combination of power+volume buttons???)

    No combination of buttons I tried since would bring me back to that service mode again.
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    ya I work at Costco and we couldn't sell our display unit bc of that although it didn't stop some ppl from still begging to buy it... But what you are describing is exactly what our demo unit does but ours actually says "non-saleable unit" right on the back in fairly noticeable writing
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    If anyone is still having trouble with a demo unit, I've posted a tutorial on how to get it fixed. You'll be able to activate a webOS account and access the App catalog.
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