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    Quote Originally Posted by sertolicell View Post
    fixed after finding out that the Dr would would in usb mode


    Cheers -

    Edit: now it won't allow me to create a profile/webOS account. Suggestions? Is it related to the slowness of the HP servers all day?
    No, it is because you have a demo model just like me. We are ***** out of luck my friend, see this thread:
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    I'd like to ask... If anyone purchased one of these demo units, and you're reading this thread, would you post your experience of success with doctoring the device? Please! (I just may be able to get a last-piece-in-store/display unit. It might be demo.
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    I got it and no matter how many times you do a full wipe it is in demo mode.

    Then I got the file: webosdoctorp302hstnhwifi.jar and made it like a normal non-demo unit by replacing the demo rom.

    Now the problem is that I can't do anything with it at all because you need to create a WebOS username on first boot up and it won't allow me. I don't know if HP's server is overloaded, but people are suggested HP detects it is a demo model. So right now the device is useless and worth $0... We shall see if this can be amended later.
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    I am in the exact same boat as you, parasitius. I have been on the phone with Support and they couldn't figure it out either. I doctored it to 3.0.2 (so I wouldn't have to update later), but I'm gonna try 3.0 and see if that fixes it. I doubt it will, but it's worth a try, no?
    I'll keep you posted if you do the same. =)
    If not, I can return it to the OfficeMax I got it from (made sure to clear that before I purchased it) but I'd rather keep it 'cause I found out it was a 32 GB once I got home, but he only charged me $99 'cause we assumed it was a 16 GB ^_^.
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    Nice! good luck, I intend to update all threads here with my progress

    If Best Buy really has them in the morning, I might be more tempted to return mine to Radio Shack and avoid the bother. But, if I'm ultimately going to go to Android anyway - the demo might not even matter one way or another?
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    Okay, looking at other threads, I see the problem and it is entirely that it is a demo unit.
    Doctoring will replace the ROM (and get rid of that annoying demo that keeps popping up), but the problem lies in registration because HP's servers won't allow demo units to log in to nor create a new webOS profile (guessing because people sometimes steal demos).

    However, one guy said that one can call HP (1-866-477-3824) and request (under these fire sale circumstances) them to "unlock" the demo unit's serial number so it can act as a regular device. I'll be calling Monday morning (as they are closed Sundays) and posting my results back here.
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    Just registered here because I am in the same boat. Ordered a 32gb from BB but got an email saying it is backordered so the only local place to have one had a demo unit. I bought it and ran into the same problems. I called the WebOS number in the paperwork but the foreign person was no help at all. Basically she told me there was nothing that could ever be done to remove the demo functionality and I had to exchange it for another. I of course laughed and told her there wasnt another touchpad within 100 miles of me so she told me to return it. How helpful *sigh*

    I am going to try the number listed above tomorrow morning also and i am hoping HP will be able to let me keep it but I am a little worried.

    Now if I could find a way to replace the whole rom with Android.... That would take care of the WebOS stuff because android would use google to back everything up.

    Gonna smoke a good cigar and hope for the best tomorrow! I will let you all know what happens.
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    I'm in the same boat as well. I got kind of hosed yesterday when walmart forgot to check their reports in the morning, sold the tp with my name on it to a customer who walked in. They saw their error and tried to tell me that it was an online inventory glitch, but then after a few minutes finally came clean that they screwed up. To make up for it, they sold me their demo 32gb model for half price which I happily accepted. Unfortunately when I got home I found the problem and this forum! Hope this can get cleared up with HP. Otherwise I'll probably keep it and wait for touchdroid. I'll also post if I have any luck with HP.
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    guys do what i posted on that post.
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    i made a set of instructions that outline how to do what chekz did:

    HP TouchPad Demo Unit Solution - Bypass Activation

    Many Many thanks to checkz for helping me/us discover this....
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    Thanx guys but I would still like the webos account to be able to be created so I can use the apps

    It does open it up for normal use except the webos stuff though so I may hang on to it even if HP says they cant do anything about it. I will try it after I talk to HP and if they are no help at all.
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    if you bought a demo unit directly from a retailer, go back and demand your money back. HP explicitly told retailers to NOT sell demo units.

    my friend successfully returned his demo unit to OfficeMax. It will take a discussion with the retailer's manager.
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    Just spoke with someone at the 1-866-477-3824 number and she told me I am basically out of luck. She is transferring me to tech support now to see if they know of a way to do it but it is looking like HP is gonna be *****s and not release the serials. She told me the serial numbers for demo units are set to not allow the webos account creation and access so if they wanted to, they could release them it seems.

    Ok tech support just hung up on me - gotta love it.
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    Did they hang up on you while you were talking to them or while you were being transferred? Please keep trying and keep posted. There is one for sale near me and i can get it for $50 but if i cant download apps for it, its useless for what i want it for. The quickoffice on it is just a demo, but they are coming out with a full version "soon" that will allow document editing but have to upgrade through the market they are saying.
    Now I do plan on rooting it anyway but right it would be a at least a few months before that will be released.
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    All demo units are unlocked now! I just created my WebOS account -- ! Thank goodness I'm not an impatient blathering fool like so many loud mouths...
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    Ok so I can't download the webOS doctor as my serial number is showing up as not valid. Where else can I get the doctor. I did download the zip file posted for cdnetworks but it doesn't "run" - just opens the file when I double click it? (I know, probably a stupid question - I doctored my pre- many times but not in the last year or so, so clearly I can't remember the process....)
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    The problem I've found with demo units is that they have a different SKU than a retail unit. The one on our retail floor doesn't match any of the boxes we sold today.

    HP is probably not allowing the doctor software to work on units that don't have the right SKU.

    Not sure if the HP support team can do anything about this, but I'd return it stat, because retailers aren't supposed to be selling these devices, and you might not even have a warranty!
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    I ended up returning my demo unit once I was able to secure an order online for a new device. I suppose I could have waited, but I figured I'd get one while I could and not have to fight with the demo. Anyone else confirm that their demo unit is unlocked and able to log in / create a new account?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koiji412 View Post
    I ended up returning my demo unit once I was able to secure an order online for a new device. I suppose I could have waited, but I figured I'd get one while I could and not have to fight with the demo. Anyone else confirm that their demo unit is unlocked and able to log in / create a new account?
    I was going through the put preware and impostah thing on and when I rebooted BEFORE doing any of that, it let me create an account.

    I do not know if you have to put the webosdoctor first or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nhavar View Post
    Reminds me of that contest where a woman thought she won a Toyota and the radio company was pulling a punked and gave her a Toy Yoda.
    "Congratulations, you won a HP Touchpad! This here Touchpad is a spare part for a 2007 HP Pavilion m7659 laptop, so if the Touchpad on yours breaks, you can just switch this one in and you won't have to use a mouse! Have fun! "
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