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    Bought the TouchPad last week, and I've had huge problems syncing with Google services ever since. Two problems:

    Initially, I could not get TP to sync with any Google services. I have had a launch-day Pre and an AT&T Pre+ running WebOS 1.4.5 for a long time and have never had any problems.

    When I first turned it on, the TP acknowledged my Palm profile but never accepted my log-in for Google services. After failing to solve the problem on the phone with the Butler team, I have come to the conclusion that the problem was related to the way Google permissions work when you have more than one log-in method with Google. I had been logging in with my non-Gmail email account (which was how I first established my Google services); Switching to my Gmail email id for log-in allowed the sync.

    But ..... now I have a bigger problem.

    ----> I can't get the TP to sync my items that I have added to my TP calendar up to my Google Calendar. I've tried manual sync many times to no avail. This is obviously a major problem for me and unacceptable .... Any ideas?
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    I had google mail+calendar sync problems with my Pre2 for the last 12 hours (without changing any login-data).

    So this isn't necessarily a webOS-problem...
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    I had a problem with this a week or so ago, but my calendar has been kinda thin lately and haven't made changes to notice. Either way, I think I tried the Google Patch extend Google's reach to one year previous and two years forward, and I'll let you know if this helps. Sorli...
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    I've found I had to leave the Calander app open for a while for everything to finally sync up.
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    Don't have a surefire resolution for you, but I can share my setup that has been working fine.

    1) My google account is my "" email. I also used to have a different non-gmail logon to google, but switched to the "" logon a couple of years ago.
    2) I have a Sprint 1.4.5 Pre-
    3) I have the launch-day Touchpad
    4) I use google to handle my calendar and my contacts (and a small amount of gmail) to both my TP and my Pre-. I also sync my work's Outlook calendar to google's calendar via their "google calendar sync" windows program.

    It has been working flawlessly for me. My calendar, gmail, and contacts sync great (both ways). Some have reported that the calendar only syncs a few months forward/back, but honestly I'm looking at my Touchpad calendar has one-time and recurring events going into next year, so all of that seems to be working fine for me.
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    I think quite a lot users face sync problem with Google Calendar or Exchange from webOS 2.1 onward: strange behavior syncing Pre2 Calendar with Google... - Support Community.

    I have the same problem with my Pre 2 (webOS 2.1). I haven't got a TP yet but I found the similar problem with webOS 3.0 SDK, but it never happened with webOS 1.4.5. So I would prefer iPad or Android tablet as Palm/HP seems not able to fix it problem for a long period since webOS 2.0 (Pre 2) launched, and can't see any plan to fix it "in the coming months".
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    I too have had intermittent issues with google calendar sync. One day I spent hours messing with it and even tried switch over to yahoo calendars. Yahoo wouldn't work for me as it could not process 24hr shifts. So I mess with google calendar and talk with palm/HP support. I logged out of google and logged back in and tried again. It seem to work fine after doing this. I have noticed that even after manual sync it takes a bit for it to show up in google.

    I would recommend logging out than back in.
    Only add new events when you have a data/wifi connection and manually sync after adding your events.
    Leave the calendar app open with data/wifi on in the background for awhile, 5 mins or so.
    Use the New Event button when adding events. I have found this keeps the colors correct otherwise no matter what I se the event it will initially take the color of my default calendar.
    Check every now and than to see how well it syncs.

    Pleas follow up and let us know if anything helps. My wife has issues with Google calendar syncing with her android so I don't think this is solely an webOS issue. Good luck!
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    Yea my intermittent sync issues are becoming constant issues and even my above suggestions don't help. I think I am going to just have to resort to ignoring the calendar on my tablet and just use my pre- as it seems to work fine. Hope this gets fixed soon I the coming months in an OTA. You can still use the actual website but it isn't really made for a tablet but it works. Only idea I can think of. Please let us know if someone fines a better way, maybe a patch ;-)
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    Thanks for all your tips. My TouchPad has synced with Google Calendar exactly once in the ten days I have owned it. I have tried many things, including multiple account configurations, hard resets, and WebOS Doctor.

    It will kill me -- and my Apple-loving family members will have a field day -- but my TP is going back today for a full refund before my 14 day return window runs out.

    Simple: It's nothing but a paperweight if it won't sync my calendar.
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    Sucks to see you go. I have been told by HP rep that they are aware of the sync problem with Google calendar and a fix will come in an OTA update.Maybe we'll see you back. I will at least post back after the OTA so follow this post and I'll let you know how the OTA update fixes the syncing.

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