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    Looks like Touchpad does not support tethering with phones using bluetooth PAN. Is this correct? Any way around this?
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    I have the same the issue with the Bluetooth stack in TouchPad. Well, I think it may only work with webOS phones. If your phone can turn into a Mobile AP via WiFi, then it is an alternative.
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    bluetooth would be so much slower than wifi...
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    Bluetooth is certainly slower. However often all I have is a dumb phone that can do bluetooth PAN (or DUN). Even when I do have my Pre 2, things dont always go well with freeTether.
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    I've been able to tether my Touchpad with the Pre2 via wifi - works fine, except that it kills my battery on the Pre2, even if the Pre2 is connected to the charger!! That is, the battery level on the Pre2 goes down even when connected to the charger which means that sooner or later it will die when tethered. I haven't tried using the Touchpad charger with the phone, which has a higher current rating.

    Tethering via Bluetooth would have been nice since, even though it's slower, I believe it would have used less power on the batter (and probably on the Touchpad too).

    Does anyone know whether or not we'll see Bluetooth thethering on the Touchpad working at some point in the near future?

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    verizon disabled that sort of thing in 1.4.5. Not sure about at&t
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    Why isn't there a patch that dramativally reduces Wifi power when using the mobile hotspot? Usually, Touchpad and pre/veer will be close, so there is no need to run the Wifi module with such high power that the battery is dead within 1-2 hours...
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