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    I put some PDFs of journal papers on the Touchpad and opened them up using the built-in PDF reader. I zoomed the papers a little bit (as the text was too small to be readable otherwise) and I noticed that the text is simply not as sharp as I would like. The same PDFs render fine on my desktop monitor using Adobe Reader under Windows no matter how much I zoom. And printouts also come out sharp. But on the touchpad, the PDF text is simply not good enough for me to able to read for more than 5 minutes.

    Any suggestions/hacks? Is there some to control the font options like antialiasing?
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    Unfortunately, I've experienced the same issue, trying to read a couple of newspapers & magazines that were displayed absolutely fine on a PC monitor or on an iPad.

    It seems that there's no font anti-aliasing which makes reading newspaper/magazines/books quite painful but I don't know whether the issue comes from webOS or the Reader App.

    In addition I find that the page rendering is extremely slow (when you turn a page there's a delay...)

    I hope that the webOS OTA uodate will address both issues (jagged font display + slow rendering).

    Moreover, the announced (but not yet released) Zinio app should make reading newspaper/magazines on a TP more enjoyable...

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