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    There have been a number of people mentioning Zediva in the Touchpad forums. Up until now, however, you had to submit your name and then wait (in my case for several months) to receive an invitation to join. Zediva circumvents the movie studios proprietary rights, by running their business like a video rental store. They purchase so many copies of each movie, and then only rent out up to that amount at any one time. The studios have vowed to sue, but I think Zediva may be onto something here. Only time will tell.

    The great thing about Zediva is that it has the most up to date movie releases AND it has them cheap. You buy movie credits ($1 apiece) usually in blocks, and then use them up as you watch movies. Zediva works great on the Touchpad although it does require that you be fairly close to your wifi source.

    Yesterday, I received an email from Zediva stating that they were opening up for more members. The following is a link to Zediva if you are interested. I think you'll find it more up to date then HP's Movie Store, but in terms of quantity of selection, I still use Playon to stream Netflix. Of course, you can just go to and sign up without any affiliation to me, and that is fine as well.


    IMPORTANT UPDATE: See post #6.
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    Wow! I've heard about this before...

    This is fantastic! I just signed up (under you since you're a long time PC member and didn't think you're here to just grab referrals) and its working great.

    Thank you very much! $1/movie is not bad at all.
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    I just joined the wait-list because registration is full...
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    Sounds like they are in an extremely legal gray area. I would not count on them being around long. They actually have server rooms with DVD players hooked up. So for every time you stream a movie your request gets routed to a dvd player with the disc in it. LOL!

    Zediva: Streaming New Movies for Cheap Through a Sneaky Workaround
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    Actually, I thought that was a great article that explained both the pluses and the minuses of using Zediva. I personally think the studios are going to have a hard time legally with Zediva. They aren't doing anything more than what thousands of movie rental places were doing for years. They just aren't paying the premium that others are paying to stream the content. I think the studios need to content themselves with making millions and not try to figure out ways to squeeze more money out of content that has already been purchased OR, they could launch their own streaming service and then they would make all the profit. In any event, I'm not too worried if the service suddenly gets canned, I never risk more than $10 at a time on it. If you want you can rent movies one at a time for $1.99, but its cheaper to buy ten credits at a $1 apiece.

    Now as the article points out you do have two weeks rental period to rewatch movies, which has worked out well for me on the Touchpad, because some times the wifi in places gets a little finicky.
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    Well, Engadget reports that Zediva was court ordered to shut down. I'm out $10. No biggie. I feel worse about the fact that I was referring others in the forum here to them, as I bought their legal rationale and didn't think they would be shut down. To those that joined and lost some money, my humble apologies.

    Here is the article: Zediva DVD streaming service ordered to shut down
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    It looks like you have until 8/10 to use your credits based on the language of the injunction.

    Also, losing the injunction battle doesn't necessarily mean that Zediva will lose at trial. The judge has looked at the briefs and determined that there is a likelihood that plaintiffs will succeed. That is different from saying it is certain they will succeed.

    What's interesting is there is very little on-point authority in the 9th circuit on the issues. Most precedent cited is from other circuits & districts. While the injunction reads like a hard slap, this could still (maybe) go another way. Judge did make plaintiffs post a large bond in case it turns out Zediva was wrongfully enjoined.
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    I agree, however, since Zediva is a startup, I'm really curious whether they can withstand even a temporary injunction, while they battle this out. I'm thinking if they wind up closing their doors, they will stay closed.
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    Damn! I signed up and only watched 1 movie... I guess I gotta watch 9 more this week!
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