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After a few hours of playing around with the touchpad I decided to get some patches rolling. I haven't looked back since. I would definitely recommend going the homebrew route and getting some patches on there to speed things up a bit. I'm coming from the original ipad so for me the weight is about the same. The only thing wrong with the touchpad is that I don't have a Pre 3 in my hands.
I will take the leap to homebrew pretty soon; for now, I just want to get a feel of the device without any tweak done to it. I'm also waiting for the next update to hit and see how things improve, should be here by next week's end. But I will definitely get preware and internalz installed at some point.

I would like a Pre3 also, but sprint seems like they're not gonna carry it, so I'm gonna wait another month or so and see what happens. I dont want to leave sprint because of no “data cap”, I might have to do a franken pre to hold me over.