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    My Touchpad arrived about a half hour ago from Amazon and I am noticing some backlight bleeding on the upper left side in portrait mode. It's not particularly bothersome but it is somewhat noticeable and to be honest it's little problems like this that just make me want to send it back and hope for the best upon receiving a replacement. But I'm open to the possiblity that it is a common side effect of new touchscreens and might fade off eventually as the display materials 'settle' with usage. It is most noticeable when the screen is black, typically during bootup or in emulator mode for my older Pre apps. Is anyone else seeing this problem? Will it eventually go away?
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    I haven't had this at all
    Might be a small issue that may be entitled to an exchange
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    I should reiterate that i don't see it if the screen isn't completely black. The screen has to be at its darkest for it to be noticeable, and it is only in the top left during portrait mode.. a few inches. Sorry if it sounded like its there at all times but i'm still wondering how common or uncommon this is. the fact that i can see it at all bothers me.

    edit: i am currently using the dark blue 'city' wallpaper and i can't see it despite it being pretty dark. but anything black it becomes rather apparent.
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    Some other TouchPad owners have reported this issue (small bleed out at top corner during boot up).
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    I also had this issue. Over time, the bleeding seemed to have lessened slightly but there was still one small spot on the left side when the screen was all black. I ended up returning my Touchpad for other issues - one dead pixel in the middle of the screen and a loose volume control that rattles. The volume control still rattled even after I put the Touchpad in the official HP case. I might have lived with it if the case had eliminated the noise...

    I hope my new Touchpad has no build problems... I ended up upgrading to the 32 GB version from the 16gb (ordered direct from and for my trouble, they offered a slight discount.
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    I have been waiting forever to get my hands on this but I think I might send it back to Amazon and hope for a better one. Hopefully they are cool about it and send me a replacement that is free of any flaws. The amount I spent on it ($560) is just too much money to live with even minor hardware faults.

    @netwrkr9: thanks for the link. i wonder if the OP ever got a flawless Touchpad.
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    I got in my new 32gb Touchpad today and no rattling for the volume control!! It also appears dead pixel free. As for the backlight bleeding, it is minimal, I think pretty much every Touchpad has a smidgen of it on the left side when held in portrait mode.

    It is nowhere on the levels of the Ipad 2 backlight bleeding issue, now that was very noticeable.
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    well, looks like my replacement is going back as well. the bleeding is no longer an issue on the new one but the volume rocker switch is unacceptably loose. as long as amazon sends me replacements I'll keep waiting til I get a perfect one..

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