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    In your case I'd wait for the OTA update and see how that turns out. The rollout of Kindle and the movie store seems like things are going in a good direction though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tharrison4815 View Post
    I currently have a PlayBook and I am thinking about doing this too.

    I have had a Pre 2 for about 6 months and although it has had its problems I love it, I love webOS and I love the homebrew community.

    Back in March I decided to get a tablet (a choice I dont't regret); iOS and Android weren't doing it for me due to their poor multi tasking / app switching, and as I'm sure everyone here agrees - once you've had a taste of cards you can't go without them. The TP was still some way off release and I was desperate for a tablet so the PB seemed like the logical choice.

    I do like my PB, there are things I dislike about it but then there are also things I dislike about the TP.

    On the PB launch day I was willing to accept its shortcomings under the assumption that updates were just around the corner (within 60 days was the original promise) but here we are 3 months in and I'm slowly starting to resent RIM, feeling like they just don't have a clue what they are doing anymore - which is a shame because the PB is a great product and has a huge potential.

    I'm tempted to jump ship but I don't want to make the same mistake again, so once HP have proven that they can live up to their promises unlike RIM I will most likely get a TP. I will be keeping my eye on TP news and continue lurking in these forums to see how things go.
    In a week or 2 we will get the update and then you shall be content with getting a TouchPad!
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    welcome!! i know you'll enjoy this community!
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    You will find the webOS community to be unparalleled. I know the TouchPad is mot perfect, but enjoy it as we anxiously await new apps and updates to come out.

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