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    when i am playing video in the web browser (not full screen) ...the screen turns off after user defined time. This is unlike when you are playing video full screen or in the TP video player (full screen). Not sure if this as per design. When the screen shuts off..the video stops playing. When the screen is unlocked, the video may be playing but the audio doesnt resume. Audio resumes after you stop and resume video..sometimes after more than 1 try.

    Another issue I noticed. I was playing downloaded video using the TP video player. After the video finished..I put the video player in card view from the full screen. Then opened browser video. It was playing fine. Now I enabled full screen mode for the browser video. Instead of seeing browser video in full screen..I would see the frozen image from the TP video player that was stopped in the card view. The browser video was playing in the background since I could hear the audio, however, the full screen would show the frozen TP video player image. Only when I closed the TP video player, I was able to see browser video in full screen mode.
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    Anyone experienced this?
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    Can anyone confirm this behavior? Thanks.
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    happened on my testing touchpad in a market in germany as well. when a flash slideshow was playing the screen went dark.

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