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    Flash is what makes TP special

    1. (or and click on LIVE shuttle feed) - I'm gonna watch this full screen on TP on my desk as I fall alseep - last shuttle lands 256 AM PDT / 556 EDT. AND i had angry birds HD - could hear shuttle announcements in background and tab/flip card over to hear it and back to game - awesome multitasking!!!!!!

    2. youtube - directly in browser
    3. - directly in browser full screen movies like men in black = free
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    It also a plus to click on the youtube link on your FB app and be able to watch the vids. What's more is that it actually takes you to the youtube page.
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    Its great for all those things, I was hoping facebook games would be good to. However, facebook games must have too much going on as they are very slow and laggy on the touchpad. Video runs very smoothly though.

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