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    So I already experienced the issue where if you add movies to the TP vis usb mode they don't show in the photos/video app but must be accessed using a file manager app like internalz or gemini. Well I just tried saving a PDF file from the app but it won't show up in the adobe app as downloaded but using gemini I can find it and view it. Its a little frustrating having compatable files not showing up in their respective apps and always having to use gemini to find it.
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    I’ve had this happen with both my Pre and my Touchpad, sometimes it seems the USB connection doesn’t properly close, like if you pulled the cord without ejecting it from your system first. The only way I have found to get around it is to do a reboot, via the menu on the PRE, and pressing the center button and the power button on the top of the Touchpad.
    Hard resets are a little scary though as you could lose data if your system is not backed up, but they can be worth it if your files start showing up properly. Good luck!

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