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    There is a new advertisement featuring a girl from Glee advertising the movie store and Beats audio. Pretty good, too.
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    No link. I saw it on TV tonight during the A's game.
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    I just saw it on ABC Family. She was singing and they plugged Flash and Beats Audio.

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    I just saw it to while watching 'so you think you can dance ' (dont judge me ;-) )

    it wa s a nice commercial targeting a differentt audience than the other spots I had seen.
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    I assume it was Lea Michele?
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    Quote Originally Posted by reggieb View Post
    I assume it was Lea Michele?
    YES! she plays Rachel [the main girl] and it's a GREAT commercial! I love all of these!
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    ontd_glee: Lea Michele's HP Commercial

    someone video taped it, pretty clear for a cam. . .
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    Found a cruddy you tube... No yt tags on this forum? How do you embed yt tags on this forum? Most vbulletins are [yt] to embed vids...

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    not bad..
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    That will grab attention better than the unfunny Russell Brand. My gf is angry because that girl and 2 other main people of the show are gone next year (graduated from HS). She's all over the news now, so having her in the commercial is a great idea.
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    I wish we could swipe from edges to get to next app. Can I get that touchpad?
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    Seriously why isn't HP showing this on youtube or something? We have to watch a camera recording of it. I mean webOS fans could be tweeting or linking it on Facebook or something.
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    I saw it too, while working out at the gym in one of their TVs, it was on TNT I believe. I really like this one, Beats is a strength of the TouchPad, and HP should certainly advertise it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulairi View Post
    There is a new advertisement featuring a girl from Glee advertising the movie store and Beats audio. Pretty good, too.
    I like these ads. They're selling the product. They're not selling specs (omg hi def 9.7 in screen, 1.2 ghz processor!!), they're not selling software (comes with version blah blah blah of such and such), they're selling the product itself and showing you what those specs and software mean to you, the consumer. They are on the right track.
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    I like it and think its great.

    Friend today said when he saw my TouchPad and responded, "wow did you buy a iPad."

    I responded no and said it's a TouchPad an HP Touchpad.

    He then said, "You actually bought something that wasn't made by Apple? Apple is the Best!"

    I finished by showing him why Apple's iPad is not the end all tell all for every users - loaded eight (8) apps quick, shuffled the deck, showing how true multitasking really works, and left him think about what Apple really doesn't offer.

    The iPad is so 2 years ago software wise and either Apple steps things up with IOS5 or their customers will have to live with what they don't provide...because sheeple will continue falling in line, buying what everyone else buys, till something better shows up.

    Thanks for the links and info, Sorli...
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    ^ I'm sorry, but your friend sounds like those people that go around trolling in Engadget lol.
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    It's very easy to make Apple fanatics feel chagrin for liking Apple. I get that occasionally "Is that an iPad?", I usually come back with "Why would I buy an Apple product?" in the same snotty attitude that most apple fanatics carry. That usually generates more interest in my Touchpad, in a "what could possibly be that much better" kind of way. I swear HP should pay me.
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    love me some Lea.
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    I guess it's a good commercial. I can't stand the show though. Maybe if I was 13 or something I'd have a different outlook. The show is just so damn cheesy.
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