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    Is it just me or is that the lamest, dullest, blandest, most unimaginitive slogan ever thought up by a committee? I mean, I've seen better than that on the back of cereal boxes.

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    I like it....its on par with "theres an app for that"

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    No better than "well if you don't have an iphone......then you don't have an iphone"

    checking backs of cereal boxes now......

    Soar the Rainbow (Lucky Charms) are you kidding me??? You want THAT for a TouchPad slogan?

    Wake up to a FREE BREAKFAST (Rice Krispies) lol mmmmm why do I keep breaking my teeth and shocking myself when I bite into my milk covered TouchPad?

    Let's hear YOUR cereal box back slogan that would do so much better!
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    Cheerios....the one and only.....touchpad

    okay, it loses the rythm, but it works
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    I admit it's a bit clumsy, but certainly it's better than what we had before. I imagine they'll improve over time -- they're kind of new at this whole being "cool" thing..
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    "Everybody On Like Nothing Else!"
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    How 'bout a combination of some good HP initiatives - 'Instant On, Everybody On'
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    Slogans are like candy. You never know until you try one.
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    Yeah, pretty generic. yawn
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    Better than some of the local slogans.

    "Dad'll do it!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by fxspec06 View Post
    Slogans are like candy. You never know until you try one.
    Very well said! I don't mind the slogan however I would prefer something a little more catchy that could become synonymous with webOS and HP's mobile devices just like "Theres an App for that" is a renowned Apple slogan.
    I dream of World Wide webOS.
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    I can't figure out why they didn't use:

    "The HP TouchPad: Now YOU can hold all the cards."
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    "WebOS: You CAN hold all the cards."
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    Frankly, I was just excited to actually see commercials for the Touchpad. I saw them just as often as the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone in the course of a two hour bar visit. Hopefully people will just catch on to how much this thing really does 'work like nothing else.' Or we will just be the few that actually OWN the Touchpad, and it will be like the Pre all over again...where we will boldly claim that our device is way cooler...yet it will sell like hotcake. Single, hotcake.
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    How about. Touchpad: Likes to be touched! lol!
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    I prefer "You don't need an App to Browse"
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    You don't need an app for that!
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    "you dont have an iphone.. You have a touchpad" ya ok maybe not I just tried to make a cheap shot at apple with their 'you dont have an iphone' crap
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    it's not great but its not terrible. at least its not dishonest, as the Touchpad does offer things not offered by other tablets. i wonder if OP has any better suggestions.
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    The branding has nothing to do with the TouchPad and more to do with webOS. It's webOS that works like nothing else.
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