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    Searched for something on this but came up ampty handed.

    Our company policy on new technology specifics in order for it to be on the network the device must have antivirus installed. Is there a good reason why webOS would not fit this model in having to need antivirus installed or is there a way to install it if needed to be able to get network approval?

    Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

    Also anyone figure out a way to gain access to a windows explorer type workaround for viewing company network drives?

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    Id like to see this as well. We are a ESET partner and they make a mobile client for windows mobile and symbian and they are working on "additional" platforms as well.

    From FAQ:

    15.Are there plans for iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android, or Java BREW versions of ESET Mobile Security?

    ESET plans to provide versions of ESET Mobile Security to support additional mobile platforms. Please stay tuned.


    ESET Mobile Security for Android (Beta) is currently available for public testing.
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    This thread has some solutions that are supposed to work for mounting Samba shares. Haven't personally tried it yet, but they say it works.

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