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    I purchased the Touchpad on launch day (July 1) from the local Wal-mart. 32g, no accessories.

    Setup was easy - no problems syncing with my Palm Profile (launch day Pre- from Sprint, June 6 2009). A couple of programs did not transfer over (Ancient Frog, World Series of Poker), but almost all of the others did. I had to manually add any Homebrew through WebOS QuickInstall, but that was no problem.

    Up and running with e-mail, web surfing, games, everything within a half hour. (It helps that I already knew WebOS and what to expect.)

    I used my Touchpad two days later for my sermon notes on Sunday morning. Rather than printing out pages, I simply e-mailed them to myself (from my laptop) and brought them up via Quickoffice to read. I was surprised how clear and bright the text was for reading from the pulpit.

    The following week I was an adult leader at a youth camp, and took the Touchpad with me again. It was handy for answering e-mail, checking things online, playing games, showing Youtube videos, and making notes for evening worship. I tried out the Typewriter Beta program for word processing, and it was serviceable. Not great, but got me through. I would prefer an actual document processor, that includes changing typefaces, colors, bolding, etc. (Still needed my laptop for heavier word-processing and presentation tasks, though.)

    In the ensuing weeks I have used the Touchpad more intensely, trying to work out what I can and cannot do with it. It excels at web searches and entertainment (games, videos, music, depending upon the wireless service in the area). I found that it picked up and held onto wireless signals much better than my HP laptop (2009 model). I have preached with it for 3 weeks now, and very few people have noticed that I've not been using paper.

    Yesterday I finally received the HP case, touchstone charger, and bluetooth keyboard that I had ordered. The charger is cool (naturally); the case is a little more "foamy" than I had expected (but works well). The bluetooth keyboard is excellent. I MUCH prefer it to the virtual keyboard!

    Here's what I like:

    - Bright, clear screen. Even at lowest setting, it was still easy to read indoors.

    - Synergy between apps. Bring up CONTACTS and immediately have access to either GPS, E-mail, IM, or Phone (if you are connected to your phone via bluetooth).

    - Free Kindle

    - Integrated Facebook, YouTube, Music, Videos, Quickoffice

    - Lots of free stuff - Whitepages, Weather, Radio, News, Games.

    - Easily customizable (thanks to Palm and the WebOS community).

    - OTA updates.

    Here's what I don't like:

    - ANY virtual keyboard. It doesn't matter if it's HP, Apple, Android, or whatever. I spend more time looking at the keys than at my screen, which slows me down.

    - Occasional jumps in the learning curve. Most things are pretty intuitive since I already know WebOS, but there are quirks in programs that don't make sense. For instance - why is there a ".com" key on the virtual keyboard in "Just Type", but not while in a program?

    - No Document Editing. (Hopefully on the way?)

    - WIFI only at this point. (Sprint, are you going to come around?)

    And here are my MINOR DISLIKES (please note: these are really minor. They are not in any way to be construed as a Touchpad-killers)

    - Screen is very reflective. I can usually readjust so that it is not a problem.

    - It is a touch heavy. Not too much, but when holding it with one hand, it gets tiring.

    - Lag time - only occasionally. This doesn't happen often, but every once in a while (maybe once a day?) the system freezes up and I don't know if it's received my last command or not. Then it unfreezes itself (after about 10 seconds) and tries to complete all of the commands in a string.

    - E-mail - I don't always receive things when they come in like I do on my laptop. I have to manually update, and even then I don't get everything. it may be something that I don't have set up correctly.

    - Strange occurrence just today - I brought it to work along with my bluetooth keyboard, and had it running wifi and had a couple of windows open (along with the bluetooth). After about 2 hours it suddenly dropped to 5% battery. I plugged it in and it rose to 8% after an hour, and then jumped up to 100%. I don't know what caused this, but I'll keep an eye on it.

    BOTTOM LINE: Would I recommend the Touchpad to a friend? (BETTER QUESTION: Would I buy one for my wife?)

    Yes - unreservedly. I think, with a couple of minor tweaks (document editing, e-mail retrieval) that this can easily be a laptop replacement, especially with a physical keyboard. I am pleased with my Touchpad.
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    nice review
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    agreed, good review. I'm loving my touchpad aswell and will get one for my folks as soon as there is an opportunity.
    I'm sure hp will fix the few software issues asap. A vnc client, kalemsoft (hd) , quickoffice and it would be perfect.
    I'm not agreeing on the virtual keyboard part though, its the best virtual keyboard ivr tried miles ahead of the crappy ixxx board.However, a virtual keyboard isnt as good as a real one.

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