First, consider this report completely anecdotal... I am curious as to whether other people have tried this, however.

Some background: when I upgraded from my Pre- (1.4.5) to my Pre2 (2.0) I migrated my Palm profile. At first everything seemed fine, but the Pre2 would occasionally freeze and reboot -- thinking this was an issue with WebOS 2, I ignored it for a while. Eventually, however, I was annoyed enough to doctor the device and then create a new Palm profile -- the crashes/freezing went away, and the device in fact seemed quite a bit faster.

Recently I purchased a TouchPad, and during setup selected my Pre2 profile to be migrated to the TouchPad. Like the Pre2 migration, everything seemed fine at first -- however, it didn't take long for my device to start the dreaded random Luna restarts. In general this would happen about 5 times a day (or more).

As you might guess, after a few days I became annoyed with this and doctored the TouchPad, this time creating a new Palm profile during setup and then manually configuring my accounts, installing the same applications, etc. Since doing this the device is more responsive, and the Luna restarts have greatly reduced (1 so far after a single day of heavy use).

I am currently experimenting with configuring the mail client to check the server every 5 minutes as opposed to receiving push notifications (ie: receiving "as items arrive"). This, in conjunction with doctoring the device, has so far eliminated the Luna restarts.

As I said at the beginning, there is nothing truly scientific about this -- I can say, however, that things have improved since taking these steps.

In terms of configuration, the freshly-doctored TouchPad has all the same accounts (email,, Facebook, LinkedIn), and all the same applications installed -- the only difference is that these were manually configured instead of the settings being migrated from an existing profile.