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    From browsing to downloading to Facebook....what you do with your Touchpad?
    It's the beginning of the end.
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    Surfing the web, watching podcasts, movies, music. Mostly using it as a second monitor. I'll have full screen video playing while I'm working on the computer.
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    I am rapidly having it become a laptop replacement - especially with the addition of a bluetooth keyboard. I don't like virtual keyboards, and it's amazing how much easier it is to use the TP with a physical keyboard.

    Now - just get me some actual document editing programs!
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    Watching Flash-based video podcasts, listening to mp3 podcasts, testing TouchFeeds Beta (it integrates with Google Reader VERY well so far), casual web surfing, lots of emailing, and the wife uses it primarily for Epicurious and YouTube.

    I don't do any social networking like Twitter or Facebook.
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    I like YouTube on it, but Epicurious gave me a hard time with some overlapping....
    It's the beginning of the end.
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    Browsing, email, calendar, Kindle, rss through crappy Mosaic for now . . . everything I did with laptop except photo editing.
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    "I" mostly use "my" TouchPad for twitter and playon consumption, emails and other web viewing. I have a few games as well and now that kindle has made it I will probably be using that pretty often as well.
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    Used it most all yesterday at work.... here's the scenario... it was awesome

    Meeting on the phone with a client... me and a co-worker... he had a macbook... I had my touchpad.

    Client sent out 2 pdf's and a word document to review line drawings and a storyboard. I had 2 pdf's open and 1 word document. Were developing a flash game... my co-worker sends out the latest flash build of our game and I was also reviewing that through our demo site on the touchpad.... while all this is going on, me and my co-worker chat via his google talk and my google talk.
    There is a part in the game that requires a top down isometric view of a map of an army base to be developed... semi realistic.... so I proceed to open bing maps, put in the address for the army base, put the map into birds eye view, took a snapshot, pulled up the clients email, attached the screenshot and sent to all people at the meeting..... sold them on that.

    All the while, my co-worker was fumbling around on the mac digging through menus, etc. and I was just flicking through cards. It was an amazingly productive and a natural way to work.

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    Everything work or play, that's not web development / design. It's a perfect laptop replacement for leisure hours and at work it serves me really well in meetings / brainstorms as well. I do miss a back camera. Would love to be able to take quick snapshots of whiteboards after a meeting etc.
    My shiny new TouchPad apps: Scientific RPN Calculator HD - Screamager HD
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    Web surf, watch movies, play games, emails, thats about it.
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    E mails, calendar, keeping up to speed with this forum, cursing at apps that don't upscale, music, keeping me away from my laptop, spending far too much on accessories, it is really good!
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    Games, email and web surfing.

    And beta testing a online flash based video game!!!
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    Twitter, Facebook....although I find I'm using less and less Facebook and more Twitter, Email, Pre|Central, Random Surfing, movies, mp3's, the odd game here and there, so far....Day 5 for me.
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    Mostly battle the kids to actually use it.
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    90% of the time used in place of my laptop. Battery life is amazing and light and portable compared to a laptop.
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    I'm sitting here with my SHINY 32GB TouchPad and this is my first post since getting it. I also got the KB TS case and ZAGG screen protector. In addition to playing around with it, and replacing my iPAd... But not my PC, I will be alpha-testing the web service that delivers streaming video securely of our college classes. Currently we work on all PCs macs linux, and iDevices. We are working on WebOS and Android. Most people don't realize the there is a different function call to HTML5 for each of these OSs.

    I'm also posting from my TP...
    IIIXE>Clie:N710C>N760C>NX60>Treo[600>650>700]>Centro>Pre+>Pre2&Touchpad 32GB
    webOS Themes: star-trek-universe star-trek-future Future Trek for Tpad

    My CV:
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    i fell asleep waiting for the page to be loaded.
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    I'm running Ubuntu in a card!

    Check out this thread about Xecutah/XTerm/Ubuntu 11.04 Chroot.
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    In addition to web browsing, Facebooking and playing games, I use my touchpad to:
    - Stream music from my HP mediasmart server
    - Drive my squeezebox player while at home (great interface!)
    - Stream music from Amazon cloud player and Google music
    - Watch movies on the airplane (ripped mp4s - cant wait to try HP Movie store)
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    I'm a chef and having the TP instead of a laptop is awesome. Being able to retrieve documents from my files with dropbox & box, looking up recipes and market data on the web and email. Would like to have a sharepoint app. Lots of reader but I find that I am spending a lot of my nights right here on the precentral forums.

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