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    Quote Originally Posted by nyquistJack View Post
    Its funny, I didn't even think about that until reading this. We have a gps unit from our centro days. Be nice if I could use it with the TP. Be a cool way to do navigation on that nice big screen.
    yep - we will keep the WiFi Xoom in the family because it IS nice having GPS on a big screen - without it being a whole laptop (much easier for my Significant Other to handle a tablet than a laptop while I drive)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    non 3g model doesnt ha\/e it locates you based on ur wifi router
    I understand that, but it is ahuge mistake to be 300 kms wrong! My wifi router is in my house, not 300 kms from it.

    Anyway it's good news since I wont be tracable from my tp :P

    anyway not with the localization service^^
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    Every time I open up the maps, it tells me I'm at my house, not where I am. Location Services appears to be set properly, I've tried with GPS on and off on my Pre. Hitting the cross-hair button seems to do nothing. Is there something I'm missing?
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    Just tried Maps for the first time since the update. Looks like it's working so YAY!
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