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    OK, I made a real dumb mistake. Somehow I deleted the DCIM folder on my TP.

    The palm folder is still there, not sure why, but do I need to reset the TP back to factory defaults to get the folder back?

    I hate to have to set everything back up but if that is what I need to do I will.

    any other suggestions?
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    Can't you just put the DCIM folder back my making a folder with that name? And then put the Palm folder in it? As far as I know there aren't any files in the folder.
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    Are you thinking you can get pictures back that you deleted? Because I dont think setting it back to factory settings will do that. If there was nothing in it, you dont need that folder. That folder is usually just created for devices that take pictures and videos which the touchpad doesn't.
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    Just to be sure we're on the same page, the is not normally a palm folder under DCIM. There is a .palm folder at the root of the USB drive. Don't mess with it. The DCIM folder has a 100PALM folder. That folder is empty (the TouchPad doesn't currently store photos or videos). You should just be able to recreate both, and still be fine when we get that functionality.
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    Whatever you do, don't delete the .photosApp folder, then you will need to do a device reset, from my experience (that folder contains thumbnails of all your FB/Photobucket/Snapfish photos, and will not rebuild if you delete it).
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    OK, thanks guys. I did a soft reset and all is back to normal. I will be more careful the next time.

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