View Poll Results: What size Touchpad do you have?

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  • 16GB

    11 13.58%
  • 32GB

    67 82.72%
  • Waiting on the AT&T 64GB

    3 3.70%
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    Just curious to know which size has been the most popular. Cast your vote!
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    32GB and considering I have 8.3 GB left, glad I went that route.
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    Sorry, haven't had my coffee yet. I'm a bigger smart-*** before my coffee.
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    I decided specifically on the 16GB Flavor because this is a 1st Gen device. When HP releases another one with more functionality I might consider getting something a little bigger. I don't put music on it...I have an iPhone and iPod for that so it's basically used as a portable browser/email reader. I guess we'll see where HP goes with this.
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    32 for me
    gf has 16

    i went 32 because of the $50 credit, that i'm still hoping is available for Canada
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    32GB, wanted space to put the video. Not worried bout music since streaming music through grooveshark/Google Music is great
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    16G, bought it yesterday. Streaming music and were my main reasons.
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    I would have gone 32 but I sold my Pre a long time ago and didn't have the serial number written down anymore ;p. I would probably never watch non-streaming movies on the Touchpad anyway unless I was taking it on an airplane, so the extra 16 gb would be nice but unnecessary.
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    32 for me and 32 for the gf.
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    I went with the 32GB deal from QVC. No regrets.
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    Thanks guys. Gonna go with the majority on this one and pick up the 32 myself. My Pre+ has 16GB with quite some room to spare right now but I can see myself adding a LOT more content on a tablet than on a phone.

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