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    I have read that 3.0.2 is due this week. Can anyone validate this?
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    Nope, sometime this month is more like it.
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    Till end of month as I remember. One guy spotted 3.0.2 running on testing TP4G though.
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    DeWitt and Ruby both stated that they HOPE (keyword is HOPE) that they can have the update pushed out by the end of the month.

    That being said, I think the update will Come before August 1st and I am sure another update will come out by September.

    HP cannot afford to delay these updates and I am sure they will come out with a steady stream of them over the next 6 months like they did with the Pre-
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    I see a 3.0.2 folder on WOSI feed website.
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    I've submitted two critical bugs in 3.0.0. I would expect others have done the same. I doubt that they would make the release before these are resolved. I know they are working on mine because I've gotten calls requesting more details and some experiments to try.
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    3.0.2 is available to devs that are part of the Early Release program. Any details of such will, of course, be covered under NDA.
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    I had a Samdroid Epic for several months. After the steady stream of updates on my Sprint Pre, it was a rude shock to only get very basic updates on the Samdroid. Of course the whole Android OS experience was a rude shock, even if there were more apps!

    Needless to say I came back to webOS, reactivated my trusty Pre, and then got a Verizon Pre2 (which unfortunately STILL needs the bump to 2.1 once VZW figures out how to sabotage the GPS).

    But with phone companies out of the equation, I expect updates to the TouchPad will come often and relatively fast, from the great crew at PALM (which is what all of the developer stuff still says, LOL!) just like the Kindle and Movie Store apps are now here.

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