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    I used HPPLAY to sync my music and playlists from itunes to the Touchpad... Sync works well, a new folder has been created in the TP called "HPMusic" But none of the music appear in the Music App in the TP.

    I know there is bug that required ot restart the TP in order for the Touchpad to scan all new medias but it doesn't work either after the reboot.

    Where should be placed the Music ? Many thanks
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    just rename anything in the folder.

    so rename it from HPMusic to Music

    you can rename it back to HPMusic after
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    place it in the "music" folder for fast recognition.

    place it anywhere else and give your TP some hours to index the ned the end, this way should work, too.
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    I used HP Play today, my touchpad indexed all my music as soon Asia opened the music app and the moodagent app (which is easily my favourite app right now)

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