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    Hello All,

    I'm glad to join the community of TouchPad Owners! I've been a webos user since the pre minus.

    My goal for the touchpad is to use it as HP intends to target it, business. They say this is where they are focused. I intend to use the TouchPad to show clients small and large how to embrace cloud technologies, and there is no better way to do that than to showcase these technologies with HP's new device.

    In that spirit, I think webos is a major player in this space mostly due to its multitasking prowess and HP's enterprise experience and foothold. There are alot of things I'd like to see get better, but I'm willing to experience the journey.

    To start this journey one of the key platforms in the cloud space is Microsoft Sharepoint. To my dismay, so far there has been no Sharepoint apps created for webos, though they exist on Android and iOS. (common story..)
    For webos, I noticed I could never connect to any sharepoint installation. It would prompt for the credentials but once entered, just gave a blank screen. After some digging around, I found that the most likely cause is that webos doesnt support NTLM authentication or at least not properly.

    I do know however, that webos supports basic authenication just fine. And so I enabled this auth provider on my sharepoint 2010 farm and viola! I was now able to login (still via SSL) to our sharepoint farm. Great news! I was able to browse lists and documents. However I am unable to upload any documents via the webos browser, which is a downfall. Also, for Sharepoint 2010 farms with Web Apps installed, I was only able to view documents in the browser but not edit, and viewing cut off the bottom of the document and I can not scroll down any farther. I suspect this issue is related the "scrolling" issues of the webos browser I have seen reported.

    Hopefully some kind of future update will allow webos to use NTLM authentication properly and add support for Web Apps in some form. Or even better, I hope that some of these talented webos dev's can step up to the plate and create a great sharepoint app. This would be a HUGE win for the touchpad as a enterprise device and without it, its again hard to make justification to use a TP over andriod or iOS.

    But for those sharepoint admins out there like me that need to find some way of allowing TP's to access sharepoint in some form for at least browsing info, enabling basic authentication is a temp workaround.

    Looking forward to more R&D for the TP in the enterprise world!
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    Does your organization use Mobile Entree with their SharePoint site? We were looking at that possibility so I figured I'd ask in case you were and were still having interface issues.

    As for the file upload issue, you could setup email uploads as an interim solution.

    I just tested out logging into our Sharepoint and I'm not having any trouble with NTLM authentication neither internally nor externally.
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    Which version of sharepoint are you using? If 2010, is it classic or claims mode?

    I have a demo of Mobile Entree that I plan on working with to see if its worth the investment. The email uploads I use, but of course having a fluid experience is probably the most important for end users. The easier it is to use, the more likely they will use it.

    I'm curious to find out about your farm setup. Do you happen to have NTLM AND basic auth enabled? Thats what got it working for me, but if i didnt have to use basic at all that would be great.

    I just upgrade our 2010 farms to SP1, which added support for chrome browsers (webkit!) so was hoping for some added support for webos as a natural reaction to that. Web apps seems to at least load now post sp1 where it didnt before. This is the same when I used office 365 so I'm sure this is a compatibility issue and something that cant be changed without a workaround.
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    We're still using MOSS2007. We won't be deploying 2010 until later this year. Basic authentication is not enabled. We're using Windows authentication type with NTLM for IIS authentication.
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    Interesting, previously I had been unable to use any sharepoint site 2007/2010 at any of our clients.

    In any case getting native editing via web apps and uploads would be huge, so going to look at Mobile Entree to see what that offers and will report back
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    If you can successfully vpn in to your company using vpnc then have a samba share, the mount.cifs works on a touchpad. You'll need a terminal app on the touchpad or use WOSQI command line to do this and you can't mount to /media/internal and get it to show up because its a FAT32 fs. Symbolic links don't work either.

    - Create a mount point inside of /mnt or anywhere except /media/internal
    - then connect using vpnc
    - From terminal shell or WOSQI on the TP issue this command replacing the vairables:
    mount -t cifs //server/share -o username=user,password=pass /mnt/share
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    Thanks for the tip.

    However the goal here is to provide access via cloud services that are easy for the end users/students. I wouldnt even begin trying to explain to them how to mount something, I'd probably get fired for sexual harassment
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    mdodge, I was a beta tester in my company for Office 365 and as you know it comes with Sharepoint.

    Did you decide not continue with Office 365.

    I am intrigued at the prospects of using this with a full round of Office 365 apps some day, I know Exchange already is working well.

    (m does not stand for Mark, does it?)
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    Nope M for Mike

    We are a Microsoft Partner and have been testing office 365 since beta and like you, been very interested in brining those benefits to tablet use for the full mobile cloud solution. So far the biggest problem is Web Apps, sharepoint 2010 is what powers office 365. Web apps does open with the TP but you cant edit and you cant scroll. Its gonna have to be a change on the TP browser to allow this most llikely. Web Apps doesnt require silverlight, but it does say its recommended for the full experience (mostly performance wise) This is a huge let down for us. I doubt Microsoft is very interested in fixing it on their end, they want you to use WP7 or upcoming windows 8 i'm sure. That said the last update gave support for chrome, so there is hope.

    We are still moving forward with office 365 but sadly the TP may not be a mobile platform of choice if it doesnt bring support for it. The other problem is that lync server (formally OCS) doesnt work with it either (nor does OCS or MSN). I know greg roll had the messaging plugins for webos 2.x and hoping he or another developer can update for webos 3.0, that would give at least the messaging for office 365 which would work great on the TP.
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    Thanks for the details, I knew a "Mark" Dodge in our IT department years ago.
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