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    I had the HP touchpad for a few days now. I didn't see the purple line in the default wallpaper till today.. I can swear it wasn't there..All of a sudden it popped up while i was rotating the device. This is on the default wallpaper. Not sure if anyone has noticed this...i see similar line on one another wallpaper from the list of 11. Not on the other 9.
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    thats part of the picture. (if im understanding your question right)
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    It is most likely a dead capacitor in the screen, get the touchpad exchanged.

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    its not a dead capacitor.
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    yes it is part of the wallpaper...but i didn't see it before...and it popped up all of a sudden...
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    Lol im confused. So are telling us that your wallpaper updated? Ill have check mine. My wallpapers if I can remember correctly didn't have a purple version. Only the blue and red/pinkish version. Ill check when I get home.
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    Is this a real post? Too funny!
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