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    In the This Is My Next interview, Dewitt had this to say about the retail stores after the 17th of July:

    It has been available in retail since the first of july in some retail locations, but our on-ad date the date that everything is circled around is the 17th of july. If you walk into a Best Buy this weekend or you walk into a Staples or you walk into any of our retailers, you will see a changed retail experience.

    Im just wondering if anybody has noticed any new displays (maybe with Veers to try out Touch to Share for example) aside from the touchpad being at locations it wasn't prior to the 17th.
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    I have seen updated software on some TPs. At launch, the store demo TP did not have Facebook and now it does.
    Also, some stores do have the Veer on display with the TP but that depends on the store planogram.
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    I've been to 2 Wal-mart stores in my area and neither of them even have a TouchPad display at all.

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    I went to Best Buy on the 17th & it was the same crap. One TouchPad working with the demo app running, and the other demo unit busted, with icon flashing indicating that it needs charging.

    Same crap, different day.
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    I was at Costco Last night, the display was nicely positioned on the main aisle as you turn from the TVs towards the back, before the cell kiosk:
    CostcoDisplay by shrxwin, on Flickr

    then you got to the display and the screen was telling you to touch it - but their big lucite box prevented it... oh, the irony! If anyone had been loitering around I would've felt compelled to pull mine from my bag and start doing a live-demo but thankfully I was spared from having to spread the word and could go SHOP!

    CostcoDisplayCloseup by shrxwin, on Flickr
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    Yeah it's pretty lame that costco has theirs locked in a box with other tablets right next to it you can touch.
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    Makes you want it more
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