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    I have the exact same issue. Notifications about app updates only appear once directly after a reboot. But after that they won't appear anymore. It's a bug that wasn't fixed in the 3.0.2 OTA, because I have it since July 1st.
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    Sorry about the previous post. I think I jumped the gun a bit too soon and as it turns out, the problem has not really been fixed and I continue to face the same issues of no notifications of available updates by the software manager and also the failure to be able to update from the notifications. It would be nice for HP to atleast acknowledge this as a problem and indicate if they are already working on this issue. 3.0.2 certainly did nto fix the issue inspite of many people having raised the issue.
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    I have the same issue here. On occasion it will notify me of updates but when I try to update it will say "This action cannot be completed". I normally manually update with the app catalog but that won't work for everything. I *have* successfully updated this way on occasion I'm pretty sure, but rarely.
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