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    Hi all,
    So i've had the touchpad for a few days now, today I went to enter some events. I have 2 personal email accounts and my work EAS account. On the pre the name of the calendar and the account its associated with is displayed. On the touchpad only the calendars name is displayed with no easy way to determine which belongs to which account. Has anyone else come across this problem, or am I missing something?
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    On my TP an Exchange calendar shows up as "Calendar" but i did notice that on my desktop if I opened the Outlook client and named my calendar to something like "Calendar (Work)" then that would end up syncing back to the TP.

    Google calendars show up with the email so i can distinguish those except "US Holidays" and "Contacts birthdays and events" which on my TP show up for each Google account. Don't know if you can change the display name via the Google web interface or via the TP.

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    My gmail and calendars use my name, and my exchange calendar is called "calendar". I suppose it's not overly difficult to remember the subtle differences, it would be a much better solution to go for what 1.4.5 does and actually show the email account the calendar belongs to!

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