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    There may be a trick that I'm missing, but has anyone run into this on the TouchPad browser? If you're on a web site that has a window or menu that involves a scroll bar within the browser window, how do you use it without sliding the page all around? For example, on Pandora, the list of stations I've created only shows 3 or 4, then there's a scroll bar to see the rest. When I try to move the scroll bar up or down, TouchPad thinks I'm scrolling up or down the entire web page.

    Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!
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    Try double tapping on the field you want to scroll in, or on the scrollbar itself. Then try to scroll the field in question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    ...Then try to scroll the field in question.
    He's asking how to scroll and your solution is "...try to scroll"

    How does one scroll on the TP? Are you talking about just tapping where you want the cursor? Cause that's not scrolling. That's placing the cursor. And as far as I know, it's the only way to move the cursor with out selecting text.
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    I know that double-tapping on flash elements allows you to use flash scrollbars. So I'm suggesting he do the same with other kinds of embedded scroll elements. Not my fault if->then statements confuse you
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    iOS allows you to use two fingers to scroll in iFrames and similar embedded scroll fields. You would have hoped webOS would have something similar by now, but it still looks like you're outta luck. :/ (Though you can run Chromium on Touchpad now, thanks to webOSinternals....try that! =D)
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Will give the double-tap a try. Will save Chromium for when it becomes bigger than a Pandora issue.
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    is this possible with 3.0.2 or are we still waiting?

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